ASPS Inventors Challenge
Friday, Sept. 27, 2024

Do you have an innovative idea, product, or service that could impact the future of plastic surgery?

Submit your application today for an opportunity to compete in the ASPS Inventors Challenge, which will be held LIVE on Friday, Sept. 27, 2024, at Plastic Surgery The Meeting 2024 in San Diego.

The deadline for submitting applications is May 31, 2024.

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During the ASPS Inventors Challenge, plastic surgeons will pitch their innovations and battle it out to be awarded Top Innovator of 2024 — and win a first-place prize of $10,000 to kick-start their pitch into reality! A second-place prize of $5,000 will also be awarded.


ASPS Inventors ChallengeWe recognize how much work can go into an application, so the ASPS Inventors Challenge employs an initial application process before applicants are invited to complete a full application.

All full application submissions will be evaluated by members of the ASPS Technology, Innovation, Disruption and Entrepreneurship (TIDE) Committee.

The top-scoring applicants will be invited to participate in the live ASPS Inventors Challenge presentation at PSTM24. The final round winner will be awarded $10,000 to continue developing their innovation.


  1. An ASPS member must be the developer of the product/innovation or a key member of the development team.
  2. ASPS Inventors Challenge finalists must be able to present in person at Plastic Surgery The Meeting 2024 in San Diego.


  • Call for Initial Applications Closes: May 31, 2024 
  • Full Application Due Date: June 15, 2024 
  • Determination of Finalists: July 20, 2024
  • ASPS Inventors Challenge: Sept. 27, 2024 at 4 p.m.

All applications will be reviewed by the Technology, Innovation, Disruption and Entrepreneurship (TIDE) Committee. Once the committee has made final selections, contestants/teams will be:

  • Assigned a “coach” from the committee to assist them through the process of preparing their presentation.
  • Invited to pitch their innovation LIVE on Friday, Sept. 27, at PSTM24 in San Diego.
  • Assessed by a panel of judges with experience in plastic surgery innovation who will then select the Top Innovator of 2024.