ASPS Affiliated Organizations

Arizona Society of Plastic Surgeons

Arizona Society of Plastic SurgeonsThe mission of the Arizona Society of Plastic Surgeons (AzSPS) is to provide for the State of Arizona a resource of highly skilled and expertly trained Board Certified Plastic Surgeons dedicated to protecting and maintaining the ultimate standard of the Art and Science of true Plastic Surgery through medical safety and public education.


ISPRES logoThe International Society of Plastic Regenerative Surgeons (ISPRES) was established in 2011 to fulfill the need for a forum where plastic surgeons from around the world could exchange ideas and advance the exciting new frontier of Regenerative Plastic Surgery. ISPRES is the authority of the clinical application of adipose tissue for plastic surgeons.


Migraine Surgery SocietyThe Migraine Surgery Society supports the study and treatment of migraine headaches through education, research and dissemination of information among healthcare professionals. Areas of focus are anatomical research, outcomes-based clinical research, advocacy, innovations and improvement and increased awareness with primary care physicians, neurologists, neurosurgeons, otolaryngologists, plastic surgeons and members of the public.

Mountain West

Mountain WestThe Mountain West Society of Plastic Surgeons (MWSPS) is a group of enthusiastic plastic surgeons, with its roots based in the western region of the United States. A society dedicated to continuing education, the MWSPS aims to foster ongoing academic discussion, research and scientific advancement in the field of plastic surgery for institutions all across the country.

The Virgina Society of Plastic Surgeons

Virgina Society of Plastic SurgeonsThe Virginia Society of Plastic Surgeons (VASPS) aims to advance the practice of plastic surgery through education, carefully reviewed legislation, and innovation. Our society funded lobbyist fights for legislative change that will help accomplish this growth both on a state and local level.

The World Society for Simulation Surgery

World Society for Simulation SurgeryThe World Society for Simulation Surgery (WSSS) is an organization dedicated to the research and advancement of simulation and robotic surgery techniques. As the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us, viable alternatives to in-person surgery play in important role in the future of medicine. 

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