ASPS / MSS Migraine Surgery Symposium (Online) Sat, Sep 14 5:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m. PDT


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5:30 AM

Welcome Remarks

5:35 AM

Essentials of Headache Pain From the Neurologist's Perspective

5:35 AM

An Overview of Migraine Headaches for Surgeons

5:50 AM

Extracranial Origin of Headaches

6:05 AM

What Types of Headaches Can Be Mistaken For Neuralgias?

6:20 AM

Q&A for Essentials of Headache Pain

6:30 AM

Patient Screening

6:30 AM

Patient Selection for Surgery: The Neurologist’s Role

6:45 AM

Detection of Trigger Sites: The Surgeon’s Role

7:05 AM

Digital Visual Screening

7:15 AM

Managing Patients’ Expectations

7:30 AM

Q&A for Patient Screening

7:40 AM


7:50 AM

Applied Clinical Anatomy, Surgical Techniques and Management

7:50 AM

Endoscopic Approach to the Frontal and Temporal Trigger Sites

8:10 AM

Open Approach to Frontal Trigger Site

8:25 AM

Anatomy and Surgical Approach to the Rhinogenic Trigger Sites

8:40 AM

Anatomy & Surgical Approach to the Greater, Lesser, and Third Occipital Trigger Sites

8:55 AM

Anatomy and Surgical Approach to the Zygomaticotemporal Trigger Site

9:05 AM

Anatomy and Surgical Approach to the Auriculotemporal Trigger Site

9:15 AM

Technical Pearls and Videos

9:15 AM

SPG & Nasal Blocks

9:30 AM

Perioperative Patient Management: the VUMC Experience

9:45 AM

Transverse Incision to Approach Greater, Lesser and Third Occipital Nerves

10:15 AM

Hybrid Approach to the Greater Occipital Nerve

10:25 AM

Things I Do Differently (Diagnosis & Treatment)

10:40 AM

Q&A for Technical Pearls and Videos

10:50 AM


11:15 AM

How to Deal with Surgical Failure

11:15 AM

How Do You Measure Outcomes in Headache Surgery?

11:30 AM

Management of the Transected Nerve

11:40 AM

Options to Deal with Failure

11:55 AM

Q&A for How to Deal with Surgical Failure

12:15 PM

Getting Started: Pearls of Starting Your Migraine Practice in Academic, Private Practice And International Locations

12:45 PM


12:55 PM

Migraine Surgical Video

1:45 PM

Wrap-Up Discussion and Q&A

1:55 PM

Closing Remarks

2:00 PM

Educational Planners for 2024 Migraine Surgery Symposium

*Subject to change

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