Research Resident Abstracts On-Demand Fri, Oct 9

Upper Maxilla Reconstruction with a Chimeric Scapula-Dorsal Flap: An Innovative Technique for a Complex Defect Paige McLean, MD

Utility of Pre-Operative Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Predicting Neovaginal Dimensions in Transfeminine Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty Susan Orra, MD

Plasticsurgeryresidency: What Do Plastic Surgery Residency Programs Post on Instagram?

Zachary Gala, MD

A Report on the Representation of Minorities in Academic Plastic Surgery Leadership Elizabeth Moroni, MD, MHA

An Analysis of Podium Presentations at the AAPS Annual Meeting- Has the Level of Evidence Changed over the Past Decade? Arhana Chattopadhyay, MD

Are U.S. Plastic Surgery Residency Programs Equipping Trainees to Take on the Opioid Epidemic? a National Survey Banafsheh Sharif-Askary, MD

Augmentation of Graft Angiogenesis By Recipient Vasculature Micropuncture Patrick Hancock, MD

Bibliometric and Article Metric Correlation Comparison Among Plastic Surgery Research: i10-Index, Hirsch-Index, and Altmetric Attention Score Megan Gray, MD

Current State of Machine Learning Algorithms for Surgical Outcomes Prediction: A Systematic Review Yoshiko Toyoda, MD

Evaluation of the Impact of Residents’ Participation on Free Flap Reconstruction Noah Saad, MD

Females in Plastic Surgery Residency Leadership: How Does This Correlate to Program, Staff and Trainee Characteristics? Corinne Wee, MD

Formal Leadership Training in Plastic Surgery Residency Jessica Wang, MD

Gender Confirming Surgery: Perspectives across Levels of Training in Medical and Surgical Specialties Andrea Little, MD, MBA

Globalization of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Research over the Last Decade: A Continent and Country Level Analysis of Publications Daniel Cho, MD, PhD

Harnessing Machine-Learning to Place Cleft Lip Markings Lohrasb Sayadi, MD

Have We Moved the Needle? Female Representation at National Plastic Surgery Meetings Rita Shelby, MD, MS

Implications of Usmle Step 1 Change to Pass/Fail: The Integrated Plastic Surgery Applicant Perspective Lawrence Lin, MD

Improving Operating Room (OR) Communication to Increase First Case on Start Time (FCOT), a Pilot Study Nelson Rodriguez-Unda, MD

Is There an Opportunity Cost of Networking in Plastic Surgery? Natalie Plana, MD

Leadership and Advanced Degrees: Evaluating the Association between Dual Degrees and Leadership Roles in Academic Plastic Surgery Bryan Pyfer, MD, MBA

Mammoglobin: A Tissue Marker to Improve Breast Surgery James Willcockson, MD

Mentorship through Research: A Novel Approach to Increasing Resident and Medical Student Research Competency through an Institutional Database Jerette Schultz, MD

Minimally-Invasive Surgical Therapy of Migraine: Our 10 Year Experience with a Vascular Approach Monica Vappiani, MD

Opioid Prescribing Practices in Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate Reconstruction Reuben Falola, MD, MPH

Overcoming the Stigma: The Complicated Path for Surgeons with Substance Use Disorderes Avra Laarakker, MD

Pass/Fail Usmle Step 1 Scoring: A Plastic Surgery Program Director Survey Matthew Pontell, MD

Perceptions of Preparedness in Plastic Surgery Residency Training Matthew Braza, MD

Plastic Surgery and Music: Examining the Influence on Modern Lyrics Ruben Castro, MD

Plastic Surgery Resident’s Perception of Feedback from the O-Score and Review of Educational Feedback in the Operating Room Yaeesh Sardiwalla, MD, BSc

Plastic Surgery Trainees’ Opinions on Political Engagement Steven Kozusko, MD, MEd

Raising Awareness of Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria Infections in Patients Admitted to the Plastic Surgery Department Adelaida Avino, MD

Smartphone Photography in Plastic Surgery Jacob Veith, MD

Social Media Use in Plastic Surgery Residency Training Sami Tarabishy, MD

Surgical Complications with Indwelling Pumps Highlights the Need for Durable Soft Tissue Coverage: A Meta-Analysis Jarrod Bogue, MD

Systematic Review of Statutory Obligations on Reporting Ballistic Injury for the Reconstructive Surgeon Kristina Gemayel, DO, MS

The Evaluation of Variability in Operative Efficiency in Plastic Surgery Procedures Alexis Boson, MD

The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Predicting a Successful Career for Plastic Surgeons: A Systematic Review Amitabh Thacoor, MRCS

Transgender and Non-Binary Communities’ Priorities for the Provision of Gender Affirming Surgery in Canada: A Cross-Sectional Study Kaitlin Boehm, MD

Trends in Diversity and Inclusion Publications: How Does Plastic Surgery Compare to Other Surgical Subspecialties? Meera Reghunathan, MD

Trends in Plastic Surgery Resident Representation: Does Medical School Ranking Predict Placement at Top Residency Programs? Riley Dean, MD

Who's Auditioning Who?: Applicant-Reported Elements of the Best and Worst Plastic Surgery Sub-Internships Victoria Wickenheisser, MD