Aesthetic Abstracts On-Demand Fri, Oct 9

“Beauty Is in the Mind of the Beholder”: How Patient’s Stories Change the Layperson’s Perception of Beauty in Facial Plastic Procedures Jonlin Chen, BS

“Lejour” Technique for Augmentation Mastopexy Muhammad Azaiza, MD

A Comparison of the Location of the Marginal Mandibular Nerve in Fresh and Embalmed Cadavers Clayton Marolt, MS

A New and Comprehensive 3-D Asian Upper Blepharoplasty Arthur Yu, MD, PhD

A Novel Nonsurgical Technique for Nasal Tip Improvement Arthur Yu, MD, PhD

A Retrospective Chart Review for Incidence of Seroma Paul Ruff, IV, MD, FACS

A Review of Plastic Surgery-Related Hashtag Utilization on Instagram: Implications for Education and Marketing Nisha Gupta, BA

Abdominal Panniculectomy after Massive Weight Loss: Does Diet & Exercise Provide with Better Outcomes? Doga Kuruoglu, MD

Adenovirus E4+ endothelial Cell-Assisted Fat Transplantation Improves Fat Engraftment Ishani Premaratne, BA

Advanced Surgical Strategies of Abnormal Scars to Minimize Skin Tension Teruyuki Dohi, MD, PhD

Aesthetic Outcomes of Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction: Is There Any Difference Among the Shape and Location of the Implant? Joseph Banuelos, MD

Aesthetic Surgery: How Accessible Are Fellowship Websites? Rose Maisner, BS

Alternative to Tummy Tucks: Combining Helium Plasma Driven Radiofrequency with Hifem to Improve Postpartum Diastasis Recti Diane Duncan, MD

Blurred Lines between Form and Function: Understanding Public Perceptions of #Cosmeticsurgery and #Reconstructivesurgery on Instagram Waverley He, BA

Body Sculpting with the Use of Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL) in Difficult Areas. a 10-Year Experience. Evangelos Keramidas, MD.FEBOPRAS

Botox Hydrolifting of the Face and Its Clinical Effects Weiwei Li, M.D.

BTX-a Rejuvenation: Regional Botulinum Toxin-a Injection of the Platysma in Patients with Facial Sagging Rongrong Zhou, M.M.

Clinical Evaluation of Safety and Efficacy of Radio-Frequency Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL) on Breast Envelope and Nipple-Areolar Complex (NAC) Position Jacob Unger, MD

Comparison of Endoscopic and Nonendoscopic Techniques Outcomes for Temporal Brow Lift Surgery- a Literature Review Maria Huayllani, MD

Decreasing S-Nitroso-Hemoglobin (SNO-Hb) Levels in Brain Dead Donor Muscle Tissue Correlate with Hypoxia, Decreased Perfusion and Increased HIF-1 Alpha Activity: Implications for Vascular Composite Allografts. Mohamed Awad, MD

Dermofat Graft for Contouring of Pretarsal Flattening after Lower Eyelid Surgery Chang-Ju Wu, MD

Enhanced Recovery after Surgery Protocol in Outpatient Plastic Surgery Patients Leads to Decreased Opioid Prescriptions and Use David Straughan, MD

Evaluating the Bleeding Risk of Body Contouring Procedures in Massive Weight Loss Patients Receiving Venous Thromboembolism Chemoprophylaxis: A Systematic Review and Pooled Analysis Phoebe McAuliffe, BA

Evidence-Based Assessment of Complication Rates in Aesthetic Liposuction: A Meta-Analysis Jad Abi-Rafeh, HBSc, MSc

Exploring the Neoclassical Canons of the Multi-Cultural Face Alvaro Reategui, B.A

Facial Analysis with 3D Imaging after Injectable Tissue Augmentation Sven Gunther, MD, MAS

First Ever Dissolution of Radiesse Using Sodium Thiosulfate after Vascular Occlusion: A Case Report Michael Brown, PA-C, MSIII

Health Care Utilization Patterns of Cosmetic Surgery Patients at a Large Academic Center. Arturo Rios-Diaz, MD

Helium Activated Radiofrequency Device Increases Skin Firmness, Modifies Modulus of Skin Elasticity Arian Mowlavi, MD

Historical Tools of Anthropometric Facial Assessment: A Systematic Raw Data Analysis on the Applicability of the Neoclassical Canons and Golden Ratio Nima Khoshab, MS

How to Prevent Complications in Calf Augmentation Katarina Andjelkov, MD, PhD

Hybrid Gluteoplasty Javier Vera Cucchiaro, MD

Identification of Essential Assessment Criteria in Facial Botulinum Toxin Injections Roy Kazan, MD, PhD

Illustrating Disparities on the Path to Reconstruction after Bariatric Surgery: A Population-Based Analysis of Inpatient and Ambulatory Body Contouring Procedures Arturo Rios-Diaz, MD

Interim Data from a Real-World, Open-Label, Multiple Dose Study Assessing the Effectiveness and Satisfaction of Collagenase Clostridium Histolyticum (CCH) Injection for the Treatment of Cellulite Sachin Shridharani, MD, FACS

Internal Fixation Method Using EZ-Tcon for Transconjunctival Fat Repositioning: Clinical Outcomes and Efficacy Cheolho Chang, MD

Linea Alba Width Measurement As a Definition Parameter of Rectus Diastasis Muscle in Cadavers Marcus Vinicius Barbosa, MD, PhD

Management of Complications of Penile Augmentation Mark Solomon, MD FACS

Microneedling and Nanofat for Treatment the Face and Neck Javier Vera Cucchiaro, MD

Millennials Are Interested in Botulinum Toxin Injections for Prevention of Facial Rhytids: A Survey of Laypeople Matthew Freeman, MD

Nasal Lining Rotation Flap with Triangular Fossa Composite Graft, an Effective Method for Managing the Multiply-Revised Asian Short Nose Victor Shyu, MD

Nasal Obstruction and Rhinoplasty: A Focused Literature Review Katherine Grunzweig, MD

Natural Aesthetic Outcomes and Enhanced Safety of Breast Augmentation with Nanotextured Implants Pawel Szychta, MD, PhD, DSc (Asst. Prof.)

Non-Contact Abdominal Lipolysis with a Novel 1064-Nm Laser Thomas Fiala, MD, MBA

Outcomes after Labiaplasty Performed Under General Versus Local Anesthesia Basil Nwaoz, MD

Pain Medication Prescribing Patterns in Augmentation Mammoplasty. Jessica Winter, MD

Patient Experience after Treatment with Facial Injectables in a Resident Clinic Setting Sven Gunther, MD, MAS

Pregnancy Reverses Abdominoplasty Aesthetic Outcome – a Myth or Misconception? Patient Survey Roni Averbuch Sagie, MD

Preoperative Nasal Swab Culture to Prevent Surgical Site Infection after Septorhinoplasty Kyung-Chul Moon, MD

Prospective Pilot Study Evaluating Safety and Efficacy of Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS) Treatment Following Liposuction: A Novel Integrative Treatment Approach Sachin Shridharani, MD, FACS

Pyoderma Gangrenosum: A Rare Disease with Dire Consequences for Aesthetic Surgery Patients Danielle Thornburg, MD

Rejuvenation of Facial Expression: The Ultimate Paradigm Shift in Facial Rejuvenation Oscar Ramirez, MD

Societal Perceptions of Aesthetic Outcomes Following Surgical Versus Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Jonlin Chen, BS

The Effect of Cosmeceuticals on Pre- and Post-Operative Photograph Bias in Facial Aesthetic Surgery: Maybe Its Her, Maybe Its Maybelline Andres Doval, MD

The Financial Burden of Complications of Overseas Breast Implants at the Royal Brisbane and Womens’ Hospital Isabel Gonzalez Matheus, BHSc, MBBS

The Influence of Vulvar Appearance on Female Sexual Function Ava Chappell, MD

The Most Cited Papers in Abdominoplasty: A Bibliometric Analysis Ankur Khajuria, MD, MSc (Oxon.)

The Nipple-Areola Complex: A Study on Aesthetic Preferences Pooja Yesantharao, MS

The Plastic Surgeon Influencer -an Ethical Analysis of Social Media Use in Plastic Surgery Nisha Gupta, BA

The Proper Aesthetics for Asian Forehead Fat Grafting Arthur Yu, MD, PhD

The Vector Multiplanar Endobrow - a 27 Year Experience Grady Core, MD

Top Ten in “Facial Attractiveness”: A Review of the Most-Cited Literature Nikhil Shah, BS

Transumbilical Breast Augmentation: A Single Surgeon’s Experience and Analysis of the Results. Melissa Daniel, MD

Treatment of Gynaecomastia, 12 Years Experience. What Works Best ? Dinko Bagatin, MD,PhD

Understand and Define Breast Implant Illness: A Novel Approach Using Natural Language Processing Technology and Social Media Minh Nguyen, MD

Use of Injectable Poly-L-Lactic Acid for the Correction of Post-Surgical Soft Tissue Deformities Sachin Shridharani, MD, FACS

Use of Tranexamic Acid in Gender Mastectomies Leads to Earlier Drain Removal Kirsten Gunderson, BS

Versatility of Bipolar Radiofrequency As an Adjunct to Face and Body Contouring: A 700 Patient Review Barry DiBernardo, MD

Women Continue to be Underrepresented in Rhinoplasty Literature and Symposia Aki Kozato, BS