Aesthetic Resident Abstracts On-Demand Fri, Oct 9

3D Facial Analysis Post Injectable Tissue Augmentation Sven Gunther, MD, MAS

A Diagnostic Dilemma: Hematoma in the Massive Weight Loss Patient Bao Tram Nghiem, MD

A Longitudinal Assessment of Aesthetic Surgical Training: Addressing the Elephant in the Room David Sterling, MD

A Retrospective Review of 248 Patients Undergoing Total Capsulectomy and Removal of Breast Implants for Breast Implant Illness Joseph Spaniol, MD

Comparing Weight Control in Postbariatric and Nonbariatric Body Contouring Patients Joshua Henderson, MD

Crushed Cartilage and Autologous Fat for Dorsal Nasal Refinement Arvind Gowda, MD

Is Panniculectomy a Weight Loss Surgery? a Single-Institution Experience Sungmin Cho, MD, MSE

Local Anesthesia for Plastic Surgery of the Breast: A Systematic Review Matthew Novak, MD

Quantitative Analysis of Breast Morphology Following Augmentation Mammoplasty Using 3D-Imaging Software. Emily Wirtz, MD

Regional Pain Blocks and Perioperative Pain Control Among Patients Undergoing Breast Implant Removal and Capsulectomy Jacob Katsnelson, MD

Rhytidectomy Under Local Anesthesia Kamal Addagatla, MD, MS

Risk Stratification in Breast Augmentation: The Lower Pole Arc Method Rachel Macias, MD

Safety of Combined Augmentation-Mastopexy: Evaluation of Nationwide Cohort Barkat Ali, MD

Size and Perception of Facial Features with Selfie Photographs, and Its Implication in Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic Surgery Justin Davis, MD

Surgical Treatment of Lumps and Bumps after Lip Injections with Dermal Fillers. Report of 31 Cases Nikola Musić, MD

The Cost of Routine Analysis of Transgender Mastectomy Specimens Ali Abtahi, DO, MS

Turning Back the Clock with Lip Lift: Quantifying Perceived Age Using Artificial Intelligence and Computer Simulation Jillian Schreiber, MD

Where Have All the Rhinoplasties Gone? A Call to Action for Academic Plastic Surgeons to Focus on Increasing Rhinoplasty Procedures Before It’s Too Late Ashley Jordan, MD