Global Partner Scientific E-Poster Presentations Fri, Sep 20 9:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Comparison of Smooth, Textured and Polyurethane Surface Implants from the Perspective of Biofilm and Capsule Formation Under Local Antibiotherapy: An Experimental Study--Mehmet Ayhan, MD

High Definition Tummy Tuck--Ricardo Babaitis, MD

Body Contour in Male Patients. Liposuction and Gluteoplasty with Autologous FAT Tissue.--Ricardo Babaitis, MD

DUAL Phase Liposuction Technique. Aproach to the Anterior Unit in Male Patient.--Ricardo Babaitis, MD

The Hybrid Reconstruction of Facial Defect Using Three-Dimensional Printed Patient Specific Implant and Free Tissue Transfer--Seung Eun Baek, MD

"Braxon" Biological ADM Wrapping for Treatment of Capsular Contracture--Franco Bassetto, MD

Naevus Sebaceous Excision in Children; Is It Necessary?--Maire Caitlin Casey, MB BCh BAO, MRCSI, PhD

Reconstruction of Traumatic Defects of Fingers with Dorsal Metacarpal Artery Perforator Flap--Dun Hao Chang, MD

Using a Turnover Flap Combined with a Rotation Flap for Recalcitrant Tracheoesophageal Fistula and Tracheostoma Malacia: A Case Report--Chun-Chia Chen, MD

Free Flap for Oropharyngeal Cancer Patient Complicated with Intraoral Dehisced Wound Resolved By Rotated Nasolabial Flap--One Case Report--Yen-Wei Chen, MD

Experience of a Practical Method with Double or Triple Rotation Flaps Forreconstruction of the Complicated Wound--Yen-Wei Chen, MD

Revision with Anatomical Restoration of the Mobile Tracheostomy Scar and Retraction--Jae Young Cho, MD

The Appropriate Choice of Type of Dual-Plane Techniques for Breast Augmentation Using MotivaTM and Bellagel MicroTM Implant--Moonseop Choi, MD, PhD

Perceptions of Plastic Surgical Practice Amongst Other Medical Professionals--Laoise Coady, BA, BM BCh BAO, MSc, MRCSI

Combined Glabellar and Cheek Flap for Nasal Reconstruction after Cutaneous Squamous-Cell Carcinoma Resection--Carlos Cutini, MD

An Analysis of Melanoma Recurrence Following Negative Sentinel Node Biopsy--Patrick Daly, MB BCh BAO

Enhancing Melanoma Pathological Reporting in an Irish Tertiary Referral Centre. --Matt Davey, MB BCH BAO

Lip Lift As a Complement in Facial Features Remodeling Surgery--Marcelo Di Maggio, MD

Complications of the Surgical Excision of Encapsulated Versus Non-Encapsulated Lipomas: A Retrospective Analysis--Won hyuck Do, MD

A Case Report : Staged Reconstruction and Adjuvant Brachytherapy in the Treatment of Soft Tissue Sarcoma at the Mandible Region--Erika Dokoshi, MD

Surgical Treatment Strategy for Diabetic Forefoot Osteomyelitis--Miki Fujii, MD,PhD

Risk Factors of Macroscopic Hemoglobinuria after Sclerotherapy Using Ethanolamine Oleate for Venous Malformation--Masahide Fujiki, MD, PhD

Elevation of Thin Pudendal Artery Flap Using Fat Thickness Data in Vulvovaginal Reconstruction--Masao Fujiwara, MD, PhD

The Free Abdominoplasty Flap in Breast Reconstruction - the Untold Story--Richard Hamilton, MD, FRACS

Smartphone Thermal Imaging for Preoperative Perforator Mapping in Breast Reconstruction with DIEAP Flaps--Orla Hennessy, MB BaO BCh, MCh

Toxicity of Polyacryamide Gel Injection to Breasts and Its Management--Jo-Chun Hsiao, MD

The Use of the Pruritus Severity Scale in the Burns Patient: A Pilot Study--Ciaran Hurley, MB BCH BAO MRCS

The Moleculight I:X Device in Plastic Surgery: A Novel Wound Intelligence Device--Ciaran Hurley, MB BCH BAO MRCS

The Islanded Pectoralis Major Muscle Flap: A New Approach to Chest Wall Reconstruction--Ciaran Hurley, MB BCH BAO MRCS

Synergistic Effect of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells and Fat Graft on Wrinkles in Aged Mice--Jae Hoon Jeong, MD, PhD

Transconjunctival Fat Reposition for Tear Trough Deformity with a Bidirectional Cog Thread--Youngwan Jin, MD, PhD

Complication Classification in Plastic Surgery--Rodrigo Juarez Calvi, MD

Oxygen Plasma Surface Modification of Silicone Breast Implant on Capsular Contracture and Adverse Immune Response--Shin Hyuk Kang, M.D., Ph.D.

Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis after Acute Burn Injury--Sharon Kennedy, MB, BCh, BAO (Hons), MSc

Giant Lipoma in the Hand--Kwang Seog Kim, MD, PhD

Tissue Engineering-Based Wound Healing of Soft Tissue Defects Involving Anterior Tibia Area--Kijae KIM, MD

Ceiling Culture-Derived Preadipocytes (ccdPAs) Keep Higher Adipogenic Potential Than ASCs Because of Epigenetic Status of DNA Methylation and Histone Modification--Yoshitaka Kubota, PhD

Robotic-Assisted Microsurgery for Vascular Microanastomosis--Chih-Sheng Lai, MD

Predicting Wound Complication of Immediate Breast Reconstruction after Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy--Jaemin Lee, MD

The Usefulness of Modified Tenzel Flap for Reconstruction of Periorbital Defect--Kyung Ah Lee, PhD

Application of Kuhnt-Szymanowski Procedureto Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty--Jae Seong Lee, MD

Fibroblast Growth Factor-2 Stimulates Proliferation of Human Adipose-Derived Stem Cells Via Src Activation--Yuanyuan Ma, MD

Efficacy of Q-Switch 1064 Nm Nd: YAG Laser on Split Thickness Skin Graft in Long Term Study--Atthawit Mangkornwong, MD

Utility of a Finger-Mounted Tissue Oximeter in Flap Perfusion--Yuki Matsushita, MD

Flying Brevet - a Technique for Mastectomy in Female to Male Gender Reassignment Surgery--Jeannine McManus, MBBS, BSc, MPH, MS

The Usefulness of New Closed-Type Intra-Wound Continuous Negative-Pressure and Irrigation Treatment That Enables Local Irrigation.--Hisashi Migita, MD

Head and Neck Injury in Major Trauma: A 4-Year Retrospective Analysis of Patterns and Surgical Workload in an Irish Major Trauma Centre--Abdulrahman Mohamed, B.Dent.Sc, MFDS RCSEd

Cephalic View of Breast Helps to Assess the Patient's Satisfaction--Hiroki Mori, MD, PhD

Transferring the Protective Effect of Remote Ischemic Preconditioning on Skin Flap Among Rats By Blood Serum--Erkan Orhan, MD

W9 Peptide Had the Potential to Contribute Bone Reconstruction By Enhancing Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Adipose-Derived Stem Cells--Yuki Otsuki, MD,PhD

Pmpc Networks As Biomembrane-Mimicking Coating Alleviate Capsule Formation Around Silicone Breast Implants--Ji Ung Park, MD

Nasal Tip-Plasty Using 3D PCL Mesh--Eunsoo Park, Md,PhD

Carboxytherapy-Induced Fat Loss Is Associated with VEGF-Mediated Vascularization--Junho Park, MD

Chest Wall Masculinization for Female to Male (FtM) Transgender Population: A Single Surgeon s Experience in Argentina.--Marlene Perez Colman, MD

The Use of a Simulator Software and Customized 3D Printed Breast Molds As a Method to Optimize Abdominal-Based Flap Breast Reconstruction.--Marlene Perez Colman, MD

Red Breast Syndrome (RBS) Associated to the Use of Polyglycolic Mesh: A Case Report.--Marlene Perez Colman, MD

Transgender Top Surgery: A Patient s Desire. Case Report--Marlene Perez Colman, MD

Long Term Experience with the Bidimensional Labia Minora Reduction--Marlene Perez Colman, MD

Long Term Quality of Life and Complications with Syndromic Craniosynostosis--Yoshiaki Sakamoto, MD, PhD

Modiolus Reconstruction Using Fascial Suspension with a Free Flap for Full-Thickness Oral Defects Involving the Oral Commissure--Kaoru Sasaki, MD, PhD

Biofluorescence Modulation: A New Era in Woud Healing?--Carlotta Scarpa, MD, PhD

Personal Technique for Nasal Tip Projection and Support: Caudal Septal Advancement--Cenk Sen, MD, Professor of Plastic Surgery

Diced Acellular Dermal Matrix Combined with Autologous Fat Grafts for Reconstruction of Partial Breast Defects--Bommie Seo, MD, PhD

A New Technique Using 'septal Turn over Flap' to Create a Natural Lateral Double Eyelid Fold When Performing Upper Blepharoplasty--Hea Kyeong Shin, MD, PhD

Efficacy of Collagen-Gelatin Sponge with Sustained Release of Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor for Intractable Skin Ulcers--Yoshiaki Shingyochi, MD, PhD

Mastopexy with Implants in the Time of Bia-ALCL--Guillermo Siemienczuk, MD

Skin Micro-Graft for Refinement of Cleft Lip--Lei-Ming Sun, MD, PhD

Recent Trends of Hand Injuries in Kyoto for This 10 Years--Satoshi Takada, MD

Algorithm of Treatments for Pigmentary Disorders of the Face: A Prospective Observational Study in Asian Patients.--Chikara Takekawa, MD

A Low-Cost Training Model Using Pig Belly Meat for Harvesting of Deep Inferior Epigastric Artery Perforator Flap--Kenta Tanakura, MD

Efficacy of Triamcinolone and Lidocaine-Triamcinolone Mixture in Keloid Treatment--Sitthichoke Taweepraditpol, MD

Treatment of Infectious Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm By Prosthetic Graft Replacement and Latissimus Dorsi Muscle Flap - Anatomical Analysis of Intrathoracic Approach By Cadaver Dissection and Clinical Applications ---Kazuhiro Toriyama, MD,PhD

Facial Lifting with FAT GRAFT--Javier Vera Cucchiaro, MD

Clinical Versus Histopathological Diagnosis of Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer--Jordan Wilkinson, MBChB

Audit of Perioperative Antimicrobial Prophylaxis in a Plastic Surgery Service--Jack Woods, MB MCh MRCS

Analysis of Outcomes of Pharyngolaryngoesophagectomy and Reconstruction in a Single Institution--Jack Woods, MB MCh MRCS

Rapid Progression of Scalp Melanoma in a Pediatric Patient--Tomohiko Yamaguchi, MD

Surgical Anatomy of Vascularized Submental Lymph Node Flap: Re-Designing Single Lymph Node Perforator-Based Flap--Nutcha Yodrabum, MD