Senior Residents Conference Thu, Sep 19 7:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.


Subject to change

7:30 AM

Welcome and Housekeeping

7:45 AM

Build Your Practice

8:00 AM

How You Build an Academic Practice

8:15 AM

How You Build a Private Practice

8:30 AM

What is an Employed Practice?

8:45 AM

Real Life Practice Transitions

9:00 AM

What Can You Ask for in a Private / Employed Contract?

9:15 AM

Transitioning from Private to Academic Practice

9:30 AM

What Does It Mean to Buy a Practice?

9:45 AM

How to Set Your Cosmetic Fees

10:00 AM


10:15 AM

Real Deal vs Dust Collector: Lasers and Other Machines in Your Office

10:30 AM

How to Find a Freaking Job

10:45 AM

How to Handle the Unhappy Patient

11:00 AM

Hiring Your First Employee

11:15 AM

Surgeon Longevity Part 1: Keys to Success for a Successful Career

11:45 AM

Financial First Steps for the New to Practice Plastic Surgeon

12:15 PM


12:45 PM

Group Photo

1:00 PM

Overview of ASPS Board Review Course

1:15 PM

Oral Board Collection - Practical Tips

1:30 PM

Social Media and Plastic Surgery

1:45 PM

Your First Lawsuit

2:00 PM

What I Want from My Plastic Surgery Consultant

2:30 PM


2:45 PM

How to Grow Your Private Practice

2:50 PM

ABPS Message to Future Plastic Surgeons / Exam Primer

3:20 PM

Surgeon Longevity Part 2: Staying Healthy, Ergonomics and Avoiding Injuries

3:50 PM

How to Read a Profit and Loss Statement

4:20 PM

Contract Negotiation

4:35 PM

Transitioning from an Academic to Private Practice

4:50 PM

What Can You Ask for in an Academic Contract?

5:05 PM

How to Get a Fellowship

5:20 PM

Starting a Family While Being a Plastic Surgeon

5:35 PM

Q&A / Wrap Up