Medical Students Day Sat, Sep 21 8:00 a.m.-4:15 p.m.


Subject to change

8:00 AM

Welcome Remarks

8:10 AM

Plastic Surgery: You Have Made the Right Choice

8:30 AM

Timeline for Matching into Plastic Surgery

9:00 AM

Matching into Plastic Surgery: The Data

9:30 AM

Overview of Plastic Surgery Training Programs

10:00 AM


10:10 AM

Plastic Surgery Sub-I: How to Choose One and Excel

10:30 AM

What to Ask About a Training Program

11:00 AM

The Personal Statement: How Personal Should You Really Get?

11:30 AM

Do's and Don'ts of the Interview Trail

12:00 PM

Lunch with Current Plastic Surgery Residents

1:00 PM

I Didn't Match...What Now?

1:30 PM

Reach Opportunities in Plastic Surgery

2:00 PM


2:15 PM

Chairman and Program Director's Panel Q&A

3:00 PM

Mentorship in Plastic Surgery

3:30 PM

Plastic Surgery Bootcamp

3:40 PM

PRS Medical Student Corner

3:45 PM

Power Hour