Resident Scientific Session: Research 3 (NOT FOR CME) Sat, Sep 29 1:30-2:30 p.m.

Organized in cooperation with ACAPS and YPS

Moderator: Ryan Gobble, MD

Moderator: Howard Wang, MD

1:30 PM--Significantly Decreasing Narcotic Prescriptions in A Residency Training Program Did Not Affect Overall Provider Rating Scores Of Attendings--Craig R. Moores, MD

1:33 PM--Video Technologies for Recording Open Surgery: A Systematic Scoping Review--Tomas J. Saun BSc, MD

1:36 PM--Overlapping Surgery in Plastic Surgery: An Analysis of Patient Safety and Clinical Outcomes--Rajiv P. Parikh MD, MPHS

1:39 PM--Away Rotations in Plastic Surgery: A Survey of Program Directors--Felipe M. Burbano, BA

1:42 PM--Effectiveness of Topical Chlorhexidine Gel on Preventing Postoperative Drain Site Infection--BaiJing Qin, MD

1:45 PM--Discussion

1:50 PM--Doxycycline-Coated Silicone Breast Implants Are Non-Toxic and Reduce Biofilm Formation in Vitro--Jennifer E. Baker, MD

1:53 PM--Global Variation in the Training Requirements within Plastic Surgery—Vimal Gokani, MD

1:56 PM--What Are the Applicants Thinking? a Longitudinal Assessment of Integrated Plastic Surgery Program Attributes during the Interview Season--Keliang(Kevin) Xiao, MD

1:59 PM--Survey of Patient Attitudes on Chaperone Use in Plastic Surgery—Emma J. Cordes, MD

2:02 PM--Bilateral Reduction Mammaplasty Facilitates Subsequent Weight Loss in Obese Patients (BMI >30)--Donald Groves, MD

2:05 PM--Discussion

2:10 PM--Improving Pain Management in Outpatient Breast Surgery with Novel Enhanced Recovery after Surgery Protocol and Pre-Operative Paravertebral Block—Katherine M. Shaum, MD

2:13 PM--Secondary Intention Healing after Mohs Surgical Excision As an Alternative to Surgical Repair: Evaluation of Wound Characteristics and Cosmetic Outcomes--Jocellie Marquez, MD

2:16 PM--Arterialized Venous Flaps: A Systematic Review--David E. Janhofer, BS

2:19 PM--Blepharophimosis Ptosis Epicanthus Inversus Syndrome Caused By a ZC3H13 Gene Mutation--Daniel M. Balkin MD, PhD

2:22 PM--Replacement Technologies

2:25 pm Discussion