Resident Scientific Session: Research 2 (NOT FOR CME) Sat, Sep 29 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Organized in cooperation with ACAPS and YPS

Moderator: Arash Momeni, MD

Moderator: Howard Wang, MD

11:00 AM--Improvement in Racial Disparity Among Patients Undergoing Panniculectomy after Bariatric Surgery--Irfan A. Rhemtulla, MD, MS

11:03 AM--Brief Electrical Stimulation Enhances Axon Regeneration through a Nerve Graft--Kevin Zuo, MD

11:06 AM--Happiness in Plastic Surgery: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of 595 Practicing Plastic Surgeons, Residents, Fellows and Medical Students--David A. Sterling, MD

11:09 AM--Plastic Surgeon Opioid Prescription Patterns: Confronting an Epidemic--Vitali Azouz, MD

11:12 AM--Decision-Making and Choice Architecture in Surgery--Brian Michael Christie, MD, MPH

11:15 AM--Discussion

11:21 AM--"Going for Gold": The Plastic Surgery Resident Olympics As a Model for Resident Skills Assessment and Improvement--Andrew Weinstein

11:24 AM--TgfBeta1 Expression Following Motor Denervation Enhances Satellite Cell Regeneration in Muscle--Alvin Wong, MD

11:27 AM--The Relationship between Fetuin B and Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 in the Pathophysiology of Keloid Scars--Yu Kwan Song, MD

11:30 AM--Patient Experiences and Health Care Processes That Impact Quality of Care Among Patients with Chronic Wounds: An International Qualitative Study—Lee Squitieri, MD, PhD, MS

11:33 AM--Preoperative Neutrophil / Lymphocyte Ratio As a Predictor of Mastectomy Flap Necrosis--Moheb S., MD, PHD

11:36 AM--Discussion

11:42 AM--Collagen 1A1 Gene Expression Levels in Resected Skin Predict Acute Wound Healing Complications after Skin Reduction Procedures--Adeyemi A. Ogunleye, MD, SM

11:45 AM--Minimizing Implant Infection and Capsular Contracture through the Use of Antibiotic-Eluting Nanofiber Coatings--Bart Kachniarz, MD

11:48 AM--A Novel Mobile Application for Surgical Planning--Lohrasb Sayadi, MD

11:51 AM--Public Sentiment Towards Plastic Surgery: An Analysis of over 1 Million Tweets--Mustafa Chopan, MD

11:54 AM--Discussion