Resident Scientific Session: Aesthetic 1 (NOT FOR CME) Sat, Sep 29 8:00-9:00 a.m.

Organized in cooperation with ACAPS and YPS

Moderator: Ashley Amalfi, MD

Moderator: TBD

8:00 AM--Development and Implementation of an Enhanced Recovery Protocol to Improve Outcomes in a Surgical Subspecialty—Tyler G Frew, MD

8:04 AM--An Analysis of Subbrow Upper Blepharoplasty Using Periosteal Fixation: Applications and Outcomes--Woo Ju Kim, MD

8:08 AM--Rates of Seroma Are Not Increased When Combining Liposuction with Progressive Tension Suture Abdominoplasty : A Retrospective Cohort Study of 619 Patients—Daniel J. Gould, MD, PhD

8:12 AM--Discussion

8:17 AM--Three-Dimensional CT Validation of Supraperiosteal Temple Volumization with Hyaluronic Acid Filler Techniques—Andrea Martin, MD

8:21 AM--Surgical Scar Assessment: Clinical Versus Photographic Analysis—Abigail M Rodriguez, MD

8:25 AM--Patient-Reported Satisfaction and Preferences after Female-to-Male Gender Affirmation Surgery—Colton H.L. McNichols, MD

8:29 AM--Discussion

8:34 AM--Galaflex Internal Support: Preliminary Experience with Direct Implant Opposition during Complex Breast Revisions—Narayanan M Nair, MD

8:38 AM--A Critical Review of the Evidence on Local Anesthetic Effects on Autologous Fat Graft Viability—Izabela A. Galdyn, MD

8:42 AM--Tako-Tsubo Syndrome As a Cause of Trans-Surgical Cardiorespiratory Arrest in Plastic Surgery: A Case Report--Jose Luis Flores Valdivia, MD

8:46 AM--Discussion