Resident Scientific Session: Hand 1 (NOT FOR CME) Sat, Sep 29 8:00-9:00 a.m.

Organized in cooperation with ACAPS and YPS

Moderator: Joshua Adkinson, MD

Moderator: Alexander Spiess, MD, MS, PhD

8:00 AM--How Distal Radius Volar Plate Design Impacts Force on the Flexor Tendons--Katharine M. Hinchcliff, MD

8:03 AM--Fillet Flap for Catastrophic Hand Reconstruction. Twelve-Month Prospective Study Israel--Espino-Gaucin, MD

8:06 AM--Thrombolytic Salvage of Threatened Frostbitten Upper Extremities and Digits: A Systematic Review--James Drinane

8:09 AM--Hand Injuries of Coal Miners in Southern West Virginia with a Focus on Outcomes of Specific Fingers--Ravi Viradia, MD

8:12 AM--Heterotopic Ossification after Local Steroid Injection--Sean S. Li, MD

8:15 AM--Discussion

8:21 AM--Emergency Department Treatment of Pyogenic Flexor Tenosynovitis: A Case Series and Review of the Literature--John Kelpin

8:24 AM--Predictors of Postoperative Blood Transfusion in Digit Revascularization and Replantation--Z-Hye Lee, MD

8:27 AM--Trapezoidal Fractures: Novel Diagnostic Classification System--Alex Viezel-Mathieu, MD

8:30 AM--A Review of Functional Latissimus Dorsi Transfers for Absent Elbow Flexion--Serena V. Martin, MB, Bch, BAO, Hons, BSc, Hons

8:33 AM--Missed Pectoralis Minor Syndrome As a Cause of Failed Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Treatment--Philip S. Brazio, MD

8:36 AM--Discussion

8:42 AM--Mycobacterial Tenosynovitis Following Sea Urchin Spine Injury in an Immunocompromised Patient--Christina R. Vargas, MD

8:45 AM--Dorsal Capsular Interposition Arthroplasty for Thumb Carpometacarpal Joint Osteoarthritis --Jonathan Cook, MD

8:48 AM--Masquerading Masses of the Hand and Wrist--Steven D. Kozusko, MD, Med

8:51 AM--Discussion