Reboot Your Practice (Day 1) Thu, Sep 27 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Running a plastic surgery practice demands that both surgeons and staff need to be constantly changing, innovating and improving to stay competitive in an ever-shifting marketplace. Take the time you need to effectively redesign your strategies, to rethink your day-to-day business. Take the time to Reboot Your Practice!

Reboot Your Practice will provide both joint and dual breakout tracks for plastic surgeons / practice administrators and patient care coordinators / office staff on Thursday and Friday, to cover human resources issues, financial development plans, Internet marketing strategies and more.

Reboot Your Practice attendee badges provide access to both the pre-con exhibit hall (Thursday and Friday) and the main Plastic Surgery The Meeting Exhibit Hall (opens Saturday).


Subject to change

7:00 AM

Registration, Continental Breakfast & Exhibits

8:00 AM

Welcome & Introductions - Josh Korman, MD; Heather Furnas, MD and Joanne Dennison, ASPSP President

8:15 AM

New Online Campaigns to Increase Quality Traffic & Leads - Bill Fukui, Page 1 Solutions

8:40 AM

First Impressions: Developing Efficient and Successful Talking Points to Promote Your Practice & Eliminate Barriers - Jon Hoffenberg, Yellow Telescope

9:10 AM

Discounts, Rock Hard Prices, and Loyalty Programs – OH MY! - Melissa Fabbio, eRelevance, Aubrey Rankin, Co-Founder, HintMD and Josh Korman

9:45 AM

How To Handle the Unhappy Patient - Gary Blank. PDM, MBA Executive Director, Long Island Plastic Surgical Group and Todd Virkus, Assistant Vice President for Claims, The Doctors Company

10:15 AM

Secret Shop Recordings of Plastic Surgery Practices - Martha Brooke, Chief CX Analyst & Founder, Interaction Metrics

10:55 AM

Negotiating Patient Reviews - Logan Pence, President, MD Internet Marketing

11:15 AM

Lunch / Exhibits

12:15 PM

Competition and Commoditization - A Loyalty Story - Jessica Granatowski, Vice President of Operations, eRelevance

12:45 PM

Marketing to Men: Negotiating Your Way Into a New Market - Keith Jeffords, MD

1:15 PM

Is It Worth It to Buy That New Magic Machine on the Exhibit Floor That Promised to Make You Millions? - Bernard Lee, MD, MPH, MBA and Francisco Canales, MD

1:45 PM

How Core Doctors Can Leverage Medical Spas to Increase Profitability - Alex Thiersch, Co-Founder, American Med Spa Association (AmSpa)

2:15 PM

Building Your Own Operating Room - Josh Korman, MD

2:50 PM

Break / Exhibits

3:15 PM

Social Media Snake Oil: What’s the truth behind the advertising? - Francisco Canales, MD

3:45 PM

REJECTED! Negotiating with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram When They Reject Your Ads - Kyle Diller, ASPS

4:10 PM

Growing Your Patient Base Through Effective Digital Marketing - Tim Sawyer, Crystal Clear

4:45 PM

Plastic Surgeon Match: Leverage the Power of the ASPS Brand to Increase Your Web Presence - Heather Furnas, MD and Katerina Gallus, MD

5:00 PM

Networking Reception