PSF Grant Application Mentoring Session Sat, Oct 29 12:00-1:30 p.m. EDT

Meet with leaders in plastic surgery research to gain insights on writing strong research grants and get feedback on your draft research grant proposals and ideas.

Past Chairs of The PSF Study Section Will Lead This Year's Program: Alison Snyder-Warwick, MD Program Director, Integrated Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Residency Associate Professor of Surgery Washington University in St. Louis

Brian Gastman, MD Vice Chairman, Department of Plastic Surgery Cleveland Clinic Professor of Surgery Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

Additional Mentors/Leaders hosting this session: Edward Chang, MD Paul Cederna, MD Gayle Gordillo, MD Summer Hanson, MD, PhD Timothy King, MD, PhD David Mathes, MD Evan Matros, MD, MMSc Adeyiza Momoh, MD Terence Myckatyn, MD Dennis Orgill, MD, PhD Andrea Pusic, MD, MHS Erika Sears, MD, MS Peter J. Taub, MD, MS Raj Vyas, MD Jennifer Waljee, MD, MPH Alex Wong, MD

Program Agenda:


  1. Getting Started: You Can Do It! • Formulating a research idea • Where to apply • Collaboration and building a team • Time management • Available resources

  2. Grant Writing Nuts and Bolts • The Aims • Preliminary data—how much do I need? • Formatting and details • Tricks of the Trade from expert grant writers

  3. Better Together: Collaboration and Networking: • For early investigators – making connections, who to ask • For middle career and beyond - collaborating with other disciplines, industry, etc. • Getting feedback/mentorship for grant writing

  4. PSF Grants: Show Me the Money! • More background on various PSF Grant Opportunities • PSF Grant Guidelines specifics • How The PSF Study Section works/explain grant review process • Funding Stats, etc. • Strategies for success

  5. New Kids on the Block: PSF Grant Opportunities – Aesthetic Grant, CSPS/PSF • Not just for researchers –open to surgeons in practice • Topic areas in aesthetic grant • Audience questions, comments, discussion, feedback on new grants

  6. All are welcome: Applying from Outside the U.S. • Applying to The PSF grant mechanisms • Pearls of advice

  7. So, You’ve Been Here Before… Topics for Advanced Researchers • Translational Research • Other funding sources NIH, SBIR, DOD etc. • Patents/inventions/IP/commercialization • Branching into new topics • Other

Concluding Remarks

*Programming, faculty and schedule are subject to change.