Hot Topics (Virtual) Day 2 Tue, Oct 19 8:00-10:30 p.m. EDT


Subject to change

8:00 PM


8:02 PM

Minimally Invasive Facial Procedures Panel

8:02 PM

Minimally Invasive Neck Lift System

8:06 PM

Minimally Invasive Mid-Face Device

8:10 PM

Why I do peels

8:13 PM

Rebuttal "Why I don't do peels"

8:16 PM

Thread Lift Update – What’s new

8:20 PM

Buccal Fat Pad Manipulation

8:21 PM

Anesthesia / Pain Management Panel

8:25 PM

Sufentanil Sublingual for Awake Surgical Procedures

8:30 PM

Cannabinoids and Plastic Surgery

8:33 PM

Reduction of Opioids

8:36 PM

Self-Administered Nitrous Oxide

8:38 PM

MKO Melt

8:44 PM

Ultrasound Imaging Panel

8:44 PM

Ultrasound Update (Compare & Contrast)

8:48 PM

70MHZ Imaging

8:51 PM

Plasma Pens

8:54 PM


8:57 PM

Breast and Mesh Panel

8:58 PM

Update on Absorbable Mesh

9:02 PM

Thinner Absorbable Mesh

9:05 PM

Absorbable Mesh for Capsular Contracture

9:08 PM

Social Media Panel

9:08 PM

Social Media Roundtable

9:19 PM


9:23 PM

Cool Technology Panel

9:23 PM

New Technology - CAD CAM Modeling of Flaps

9:26 PM

Predicting Tissue Necrosis

9:30 PM

Virtual Reality for Improved Patient Experiences during Wide Awake Surgery

9:33 PM

3D Facial Implant

9:37 PM

Revisions Roundtable "What's your experience been?"

10:30 PM


10:30 PM

Breast Implant Insertion Devices Panel (Not for CME Credit)

10:30 PM

Insertion Devices - Stingray

10:33 PM

Insertion Funnels - INplant Funnel

10:36 PM

Insertion Funnels - Keller Funnel

10:39 PM

Insertion Devices - Breast Sleeve

10:42 PM