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Womeninsurgery: Can Instagram Help Close the Gender Gap?

Helen Xun, BS

30-Day Reoperation Case Review: An Efficient Surgical Quality and Safety Reporting Structure at a Large Tertiary Pediatric Hospital Amjed Abu-Ghname, MD

A Temporal and Geographical Analysis of Female Surgeons in Plastic Surgery Maya Harrington, BS

Addressing Ambulatory Access: Streamlined Scheduling Increases Patient Satisfaction and Hospital Revenue Angela Volk, MD

Advocacy in Plastic Surgery: Understanding of and Opinions Towards Plastypac Benjamin Schultz, MD

An Analysis of the Common Injections Performed By Plastics Surgeons: 2012-2017 Maya Harrington, BS

Analyzing the Content of Plastic Surgery Private Practices’ Websites Jason Patel, BS

Assessing Readability of Patient Education Materials on Breast Reconstruction By Major U.S. Academic Institutions Lauren Powell, BA

Assessing Secondary Upper Extremity Lymphedema Patients for Surgical Intervention Itay Wiser, MD, PhD

Availability of Online Information on Plastic Surgery Sub-Internships Emily Long, MD

Bias in Selecting a Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon and the Effect of Potentially Mitigating Factors Darya Fadavi, BS

Burden of Decubitus Ulcers in the US: Findings from the Global Burden of Disease Study Charalampos Siotos, MD

Burn Wound Sepsis Confirmed By Quantitative Biopsy Culture in a Referral Center in Colombia Andres Viviescas Diaz, MD

Comparison of Quality-of-View between Overhead Multi-View Camera System and Head Mounted Cameras Recording Surgery Video Chie Iida, MD

Conceptual Framework for a Plastic Surgery Residency Leadership Curriculum Jessica Wang, MD

Cost-Effectiveness of Multidisciplinary Surgical Care: A Systematic Review Bryan Luu, BS

Crowdsourcing the General US Public's Perceptions of the Breadth and Depth of Plastic Surgery Cody Mullens, MPH

Data-Driven Strategies to Generate Front-End Cost Savings through Supply Chain Optimization: Working Smarter, Not Harder Matthew Davis, BS

Determining the Factors Associated with 30 and 90-Day Readmissions Following Plastic Surgery within the National Readmissions Database Farah Sayegh, MD

Disparities in Access to US Craniofacial Centers for Newly Diagnosed Craniosynostosis Patients for the Year 2019: The Influences of Urban Vs. Rural Residence and Private Vs. Government Insurance Hannah Miller, MD

Do Corporate Payments Influence Research Related to the Use of Acellular Dermal Matrices in Breast Surgery? Z-Hye Lee, MD

Dual Degrees in Academic Plastic Surgery: Their Prevalence and Impact on Leadership Roles Bryan Pyfer, MD, MBA

Ethical Dilemmas in Global Plastic Surgery: Divergent Perspectives of Local and Visiting Surgeons Anna Schoenbrunner, MD

Evaluating the Cost-Effectiveness, Efficacy, Safety, and Tolerance of Silver Sulfadiazine (SSD) Dressings Once Daily Versus Twice Daily in the Treatment of Burn Wounds Tomer Lagziel, BS

Facial Feminization Surgery Under Insurance: The University of California Los Angeles Experience Allison Hu, BA

Factors Associated with Mortality after Burns Complicated By Necrotizing Skin and Soft Tissue Infections: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Individual Participant Data Kevin Klifto, PharmD

Health Care Services Utilization By Transgender Patients in a Medicaid Managed Program: Barriers to Surgical Consults Sarth Raj, BSA, BBA

Impact of an Annual Craniofacial Team Day on Families’ Attitudes Toward Cleft Lip and Palate Diagnoses and Patient Care Ishani Premaratne, BA

Importing Mission Cases to the United States: Ethics, Finances, and Outcomes in Beaumont’s Model Jeremy Powers, MD

Is There a Gap? Examining Gender Disparities in Industry Payments and Their Geographic Distribution Amongst Plastic Surgeons Jessica Cunning, MD, MBA

Leadership Ambitions in Plastic Surgery: Do Women and Men Want the Same Thing? Farah Sayegh, MD

Lidocaine Standardization: Institution-Specific Interventions to Improve Surgical Patient Safety Laura Monson, MD

Nerve Pain after Burn Injury: A Proposed Etiology-Based Classification Kevin Klifto, PharmD

Opioid Prescribing Practices Among Plastic Surgeons – Results of the 2019 ASPS Opioid Survey Haley Oberhofer, BS

Pain Medication Prescribing Practices of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons to Medicare Part D Enrollees, 2013-2017 Penny Hung, BS

Pioneering a Multidisciplinary Breast Clinic: Optimizing the Peri-Operative Experience for Adolescent Patients with Symptomatic Macromastia Diana Guillen, PA-C

Plastic Surgeons As Institutional Leaders: Climbing the Administrative Ladder Amjed Abu-Ghname, MD

Plastic Surgery Research (PRS) Fellowships: Database Development and Analysis Carrie Zimmerman, BS

Plastic Surgery Resident Operative Volume and Milestones Performance: What Is the Correlation? Farah Sayegh, MD

Product Identification and Labeling to Address Animal-Derived Allergies Laura Monson, MD

Quality of Life As Perceived By Face Transplant Recipients: A Qualitative Content Analysis Allyson Alfonso, BS, BA

Quantifying Social Media Impact: Assessment of Academic Plastic Surgeon Social Media Index Chloe Krasnoff, MD

Quantifying Social Media Impact: Assessment of Plastic Surgery Residency Programs Social Media Index Chloe Krasnoff, MD

Sharing the Operating Room: Do Multidisciplinary Plastic Surgery Cases Drive Revenue? Acara Turner, BS

Split-Thickness Skin Graft Meshing: The True Mesh Ratio Eva Roy, BS

Standardizing Upper Extremity Indocyanine Green Lymphography in a Lymphedema Outpatient Setting Itay Wiser, MD, PhD

Surgical Resident Behavioral Assessment: Trends and Insights Morgan Adkins, MD

Surgical Treatment of Peripheral Vascular Malformations: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Max Lokhorst, MD

The American College of Surgeons Children's Surgery Verification: Institutional Impact at a Large, Multicenter Pediatric Hospital Amjed Abu-Ghname, MD

The Impact of Social Determinants on Clinical Outcomes and Resource Utilization in Critically-Ill Burn and Surgical Patients: A Population Health Group Analysis Luis Quiroga, MD, MPH

The Impact of Substance Abuse on Outcomes Following Inhalation Injury Among Adults Admitted to Burn Centers in the United States Luis Quiroga, MD, MPH

Survival of Soft Tissue Sarcomas of the Upper Extremities Maria Huayllani, MD

US Public's Perception of Online before-and-after Transformation Photos Joshua Henderson, MD

What’s in a Name? Implicit Bias Affects Patient’s Perception of Surgeon Skill Deepa Bhat, MD

Where Have All the Rhinoplasties Gone? A Call to Action for Academic Plastic Surgeons to Get Back into the Rhinoplasty Game before It's Too Late Ashley Jordan, MD