PlastyPAC Office Hours – PlastyPAC Board of Governors Sat, Sep 21 3:15-4:15 p.m.

Sit down with the Society’s advocacy thought leaders to learn more about the Society’s political action committee, PlastyPAC, and how you can become more involved with ASPS advocacy efforts! This is a great opportunity to learn about the PAC’s mission and the critical role it plays in educating members of Congress about plastic surgery. It’s also the best place to have all of your questions about the PAC answered.

PlastyPAC Board of Governors guest speakers: Robert X. Murphy, Jr., MD - Chair Keith Blechman, MD - Young Plastic Surgeons Representative John T. Stranix, MD - Resident Ambassador Warren Ellsworth, IV, MD - Board Member Daniel Freet, MD - Board Member Raman Mahabir, MD, FRCSC - Board Member Anne Taylor, MD, MPH - Past Chair | Board Member Victoria Vastine, MD - Legislative Advocacy Committee State Vice Chair