Industry Spotlight: Reduce Financial Risk - Avoid Market Volatility! Sat, Sep 29 12:45-12:55 a.m.

Visit the ASPS Center Stage in the Exhibit Hall, located in aisle 700 adjacent to the Resource Center Booth 755 for an industry spotlight presentation by Premier Diamond Group.

Reduce Financial Risk - Avoid Market Volatility!

Presented by: David Metcalfe, President, Premier Diamond Group

Portfolio Diversification with a Wealth Accumulation vehicle offering complete reporting PRIVACY! For more than 20 years, Colored Diamonds have outperformed the Dow Jones, Gold, Silver and Commercial Real Estate! They can be purchased / sold in a basket of currencies, acting as a hedge against U.S. dollar volatility! President David Metcalfe of PDG is a pioneer in the branding of Natural Colored Diamonds as a vehicle to combat Market Volatility, Speculation and Governmental Credit excesses.