10th World Society for Simulation Surgery (WSSS) Biennial Meeting (Part 2) Sun, Sep 30 4:00-6:30 p.m.


Subject to change

4:00 PM

Free Paper Session 1

4:00 PM

Application of Finite Element Analysis to Predict Skin - Sergey Turin, MD

4:07 PM

Photoacoustic Imaging for the Planning of Lymphaticovenular Anastomosis: A Case Report - Anna Oh, MD

4:14 PM

Development of a novel template for the planning and facilitation of fronto-orbital remodeling - Eisuke Watanabe, MD

4:21 PM

Airway volume Simulation in Virtual Surgical Mandibular Distraction: A Cohort Study - Laura Humphries, MD

4:28 PM

Touch Surgery: A 21st century platform for surgical training - Ari Mandler, MD

4:35 PM

Analysis of cranial morphology of Japanese healthy infants using homologous modeling - Makoto Hikosaka, MD

4:42 PM

Microsoft Kinect V2 as an alternative grading system for facial paralysis - Yohei Sotsuka, MD

4:49 PM

The use of Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing in Acute Mandibular Trauma Reconstruction - Thomas Xu

4:56 PM

Conformity of the Actual to Planning Result in Orthognathic Surgery - Kyle Gabrick, MD

5:03 PM

Virtual Surgical Planning in Craniofacial Reconstruction: an Evidence-based Update and Workflow Analysis - Kristopher Day

5:10 PM

Free Paper Session 2

5:10 PM

Virtual Surgical Planning for Correction of Delayed Presentation Scaphocephaly Using a Modified Melbourne Technique - Thomas Xu

5:17 PM

A New Colored Solid Model for Simulation Surgery: It is made of salt - Yoshiaki Sakamoto

5:24 PM

Is the sphenosquamosal suture related to the cranial deformity in Plagiocephaly? - Masashi Takemaru

5:31 PM

Teaching Breast Aesthetics Using A Sculpture-Based Simulation Workshop - Lauren Nigro, MD

5:38 PM

Development and evaluation of high fidelity surgical simulators - Dale Podolsky, MD

5:45 PM

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Technology in Neurosurgery - Tomohisa Miyagi, MD

5:52 PM

Increasing Opportunities for Active Experimentation in Residency Using Simulation: A revised cleft lip education curriculum - Francesca Saldanha, MD

5:59 PM

Reconstruction of a Hemirhinectomy Defect Using a 3D Printed Custom Soft Tissue Cutting Guide - Jonathan Brower, MD

6:06 PM

Advanced Microsurgical Trainer for Breast Reconstruction - Morgan Yacoe, MD

6:13 PM

Closing Comments