Resident Scientific Session: Research 1 (NOT FOR CME) Sat, Sep 29 8:00-9:00 a.m.

Organized in cooperation with ACAPS and YPS

Moderator: Arash Momeni, MD

Moderator: Russell Reid, MD, PhD

8:00 AM--Perforating Fat Injections for Plantar Fasciosis: A Regenerative Solution?--Wendy Chen, MD,MS

8:03 AM--Is There a "July Effect" in Plastic Surgery?—Demetrius M. Coombs, MD

8:06 AM--Surviving Burn: Connexin Channel Blockage Prevents Burn Progression--Jiajun Feng, MD

8:09 AM--Discussion

8:14 AM--Post-Bariatric Anchor Dermolipectomy - a Comparative Study with and without Scarpa Fascia on the Incidence of Seromas--Leonardo--Gobetti, MD

8:17 AM--Performance on the Plastic Surgery in-Service Exam Can Predict Success on the American Board of Plastic Surgery Written Exam--Nicholas S. Adams, MD

8:20 AM--The Montreal Augmentation Mammaplasty Operation (MAMO) Simulator: An Alternative Method to Train and Assess Competence in Breast Augmentation Procedures--Roy Kazan MD, MSc

8:23 AM--Discussion

8:28 AM--Impact of Residency Interview Scheduling and Selection Bias on Match Ranking--Ersilia L. Anghel, MD

8:31 AM--Corneal Neurotization Prevents Corneal Ulceration and Preserves Vision in a Rat Model of Neurotrophic Keratopathy--Joseph Catapano MD, PhD

8:34 AM--Panniculectomy: Trends in Morbidity and Outcomes By Surgical Specialty-- Bradley R Hall, MD

8:37 AM--Discussion

8:42 AM--The Surveillance of High Risk Melanomas Using Computed Tomography Scanning--Shomari Dotun Lee Zack-Williams, MBChB

8:45 AM--Therapeutic Effects of Ozone Therapy on Acute Cutaneous Wound Healing, an Experimental Model in Rats--Carlos Altamirano Arcos, MD

8:48 AM--innovate Global Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (iGPRS): A Pediatric Burn Injury Prevention Research Collaboration Map--Karen Y. Chung, BHSc, MD

8:51 AM--Toward an Objective Outcome in Brow Lift Surgery: An Eyetracking Study--Thanapoom Boonipat, MD

8:54 AM--Discussion