Residents Day Program Fri, Sep 28 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Residency comes with the unique challenge of focusing on clinical education and training while preparing to launch a practice. The Senior Residents Conference and Residents Day Program have been developed to help take away the surprises during your transition from residency to practicing surgeon. Veterans of the specialty share personal experiences, provide advice on how to land a full time position and instruct on ways to properly set up and manage a practice. Be prepared to take the next step in your career. Join ASPS at these resident-focused programs at Plastic Surgery The Meeting 2018.


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7:30 AM

Welcome and Housekeeping

7:40 AM

Understanding the Fellowship Matches

7:45 AM

Does a Fellowship Help in Academic Practice?

8:00 AM

Does a Fellowship Help in Private / Employed Practice?

8:15 AM

How to be Competitive for an Academic Job

8:30 AM

Where do I Search for a Non-Academic Job?

8:45 AM

Innovative Uses of an Area Incision Management System for Breast Surgery

8:55 AM

Getting a Job Where You Trained - A Good Idea?

9:10 AM

Rural Plastic Surgery - Is It for You?

9:25 AM

Advancements in Breast Reconstruction with a Novel CO2 Needle-Free Tissue Expander

9:35 AM

Physician Financial Wellness

10:05 AM


10:20 AM

What Can You Ask for in an Academic Contract?

10:35 AM

Making Microsurgery Manageable in Private Practice

10:45 AM

What Can You Ask for in a Private / Employed Contract?

11:00 AM

How to Prepare for an Interview

11:15 AM

Contract Negotiation

11:30 AM

Malpractice Insurance Overview

11:40 AM

Introduction to Your Society: ASPS and YPS

11:55 AM


12:45 PM

How You Can Succeed in Publishing in PRS and PRS Global Open

1:00 PM

Research as a Resident - How to Get it Done

1:15 PM

Energy Management: Avoiding Surgeon Burn Out

1:25 PM

What I am Looking for in My Next...

1:55 PM

Reimbursement Overview of Allergan PRM Products

2:05 PM

Forward Thinking: Have a Vision for Your Practice

2:35 PM

Should I Be an Industry Consultant?

2:50 PM

Merz Institute of Advanced Aesthetics: Resource for Residents

3:00 PM


3:15 PM

Introduction to Risk Management and Avoiding Malpractice

3:45 PM

What I Want from My Plastic Surgeon Consultant

4:00 PM

Keynote Speaker

4:25 PM

Wrap Up