New This Year! ASPS EdNet Digital Learning Pavilion

Visit the new ASPS EdNet's Digital Learning Pavilion at Plastic Surgery The Meeting 2023 in Austin. The pavilion will be located by the main Registration area.

ASPS Education Network

Discover the excitement of the ASPS Digital Education! Stop by the Digital Learning Pavilion and join us to explore:

  • Thrilling new products crafted based on member feedback, designed to cater to the learning needs of our dynamic Plastic Surgeons.
  • Our ever-popular Digital Online offerings, featuring SNIPS, podcasts like "Enhance Your Practice" and "Plastic Surgery Hotseat," LIMITLESS and WPS Remix, the Social Media Toolkit, Wellness Modules and much more.
  • PSTM on-demand sessions, available for CME (complimentary with your registration!).
  • Exciting enhancements to the Resident Education Center (REC).
  • Dive into a variety of self-assessment opportunities, including the In-Service Exam, Aesthetic Life-Long Learning Exam L3E and Comprehensive Self-Assessment Test (CSAT).

Come and be a part of the electrifying ASPS Digital Education experience!

CSAT 2023

Enhance Your Practice

Plastic Surgery Hotseat

Life-Long Learning

In-Service Exam


Plastic Surgery SNIPS

Social Media Toolkit

WPS Remix

Project Well


Friday, October 27, 2023 | 10-10:30 AM

Join Gregory Greco, DO, as he describes the role social media plays in shaping the perception of plastic surgeons and their practices with informational highlights that serve as a preview to his President's Panel, "Social Media: Your Relevance, Presence and FOMO."

Sunday, October 29, 2023 | 9-9:30 AM

Jeffrey Janis, MD, shines a spotlight on the Wellness Committee, and the importance of overall physician wellness and the delivery of quality care. This presentation includes a live demo of Project Well Modules.

On-Demand Session Showcase

Additionally, get ready for an exciting addition: ASPS Quick Hitsseven on-demand sessions will be featured within the pavilion, presented in a brand-new Quick Hits format. These Quick Hits are like the Cliff Notes for On-Demand Sessions – your ultimate guide to unlocking key takeaways!

Those sessions include:

  • Hand and Upper Extremity: My Favorite Flaps in the Hand
    • Moderated by Matt Iorio, MD; Panelists include Timothy Daugherty, MD and Bauback Safa, MD
  • Aesthetic – Face: The Basic Facelift – Get on Base
    • Moderated by Debra Johnson, MD: Panelists include John Boyd, MD andJames Zin, MD
  • Recon and Practice Mgmt and Technology: Rise of the Machines: Should we be afraid of Robotics in Plastic Surgery
    • Moderated by Justin Sacks, MD; Panelists include L. Scott Levin, MD, Andrea Moreira, MD, Graham Schwarz, MD, Jesse Selber, MD
  • ASMS/Craniomaxillofacial: Ballistic CMF Injuries
    • Moderated by Anand Kumar, MD; Panelists include Edward Davidson, MD, Michael Golinko, MD, Srinivas Susarla, MD
  • Aesthetic Body: The ABCs of Anesthesia and Body Contouring
    • Moderated by Meegan Gruber, MD; Panelists include Omar Beidas, MD and Spero Theodorou, MD
  • Breast Recon: #BetterTogether: Plastic and Breast Surgeons Becoming an Effective Dream Team
    • Moderated by Graham Schwarz, MD; Panelists include Kristen Broderick, MD, Edward Buchel, MD, Carrie Kai-Cheng Chu, MD, Carolyn De La Cruz, MD, Ashleigh Francis, MD, Aparna Vijayasekaran, MD
  • Breast – Aesthetic: Treating the Whole Patient: A Holistic Approach to the Breast Patient
    • Moderated by Caroline Glicksman, MD; Panelists include Heather Faulkner, MD

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