Making your case: why you should attend vPSTM

Not sure how to ask your boss to support your interest in attending Plastic Surgery The Meeting? Not to worry, there are many incredible benefits to attending the largest meeting of our specialty. We've pulled them all together to help you make your case.

At Plastic Surgery The Meeting, you can truly learn how to improve your practice and work smarter, not harder. Whether your focus in the practice is on marketing, business management, patient education or clinical support, you will find the courses you need to achieve more efficiency and productivity! From sessions covering Financial Management to programs on Running a Successful MedSpa or key tips on E&M and CPT coding, this meeting has critical courses for every member of the plastic surgery practice.

For a limited time, if you are a non-clinical plastic surgery office professional, you can continue the investment in your professional development with membership to the American Society of Plastic Surgery Professionals (ASPSP) for only $11 more than vPSTM registration alone.

As an ASPSP member, you will receive invaluable benefits including access to ASPS EdNet, the ASPSP toolbox and member directory. Additionally, you will receive access to the ASPSP community discussion board and be invited to monthly virtual meet-ups with other plastic surgery professionals.

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Here are a few reasons plastic surgery professionals should attend vPSTM

Learn strategies for navigating through an altered work environment

Let’s face it; your job is not the same as it was prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Your workday has been altered by new challenges and restrictions. You are asked questions by patients and other office personnel that you have never been asked before. Learn the answers to these questions and tips to overcome many of the obstacles now facing plastic surgery practices across the country.

Improve job satisfaction

Office Staff for vPSTMWhen staff attend the ASPS/ASPSP annual meeting, they leave every year with a sense of renewed dedication and empowerment. With morale strained across most professions, there has never been a better time to invest in your professional development. You are a vital part of your plastic surgery practice. Give yourself the boost you need to continue making a difference.

Enhance your overall understanding of plastic surgery procedures

Now more than ever patients need to feel comfortable when choosing whether to undergo surgery. The better you understand the procedures your doctor performs, the more confident you will be when interacting with patients and prospects.

Network with other plastic surgery professionals

At vPSTM, you will have the opportunity to interact with other professionals in the industry. You will be able to learn practice pearls from all types of practice situations, implement already-vetted ideas and discover solutions to operational issues.

Three ways to bring the benefits of your vPSTM attendance back to the whole practice!

  • Ahead of the meeting, determine key areas of development opportunity for your practice and align programming selection with those areas for practice improvement.
  • Offer to provide the rest of the team with a short presentation after the meeting outlining the key takeaways for your practice.
  • Share handouts and contacts from the exhibit hall with colleagues — new contacts lead to new opportunities!