Atlanta Information and Public Safety
Ambassador Force

Whether you need a helping hand to figure out where to go and what to do in downtown Atlanta, or you need assistance locating a business or your rental vehicle, or you're concerned about a safety issue, Atlanta has you covered with its Atlanta Ambassador program.

The city of Atlanta has members of its helpful Ambassador Force stationed throughout the downtown to assure public safety and provide tourists and residents with information. They're the ones in the red and blue uniforms riding Segway human transporters or All-Terrain Public Safety Bikes.

Beyond the ambassadors you see on the streets, there are also ambassadors who monitor the downtown surveillance cameras in addition to the police department’s monitoring station. During large-scale special events, ambassadors communicate with public safety officials directly from the Joint Operations Command Center (JOC).

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Ambassador Services:

  • Welcome and Information Booths: Located at the intersection of Peachtree St. and Andrew Young International Blvd. these are staffed 7:15 a.m.-11:45 p.m.
  • Travel Help: Ambassadors know every inch of downtown and can tell you the best route (by foot, car or MARTA) to any location. They can also pre-screen attendee walking routes for conferences and events.
  • Activity Suggestions: Whether visitors have an hour, an afternoon or an entire weekend to enjoy the sights and sounds of downtown, ambassadors can recommend the perfect attractions.
  • Medical Assistance: Ambassadors are trained to assist in medical emergencies and have direct radio contact with emergency responders. They can also guide people to the nearest 24-hour pharmacy or healthcare provider.
  • Maps: Ambassadors can offer one of the most useful tools in any city: a detailed map, marked with major attractions, hotels, restaurants and roadways.
  • Safety: Downtown Atlanta is extremely safe. However, should visitors ever feel uncomfortable, they can approach the nearest ambassador who will be happy to escort them to a vehicle, hotel or other downtown destination.

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