Resident Scientific Session: Pediatric

  • Location: LACC
Saturday, September 24, 2016: 7:00 AM - 9:30 AM


Organized in cooperation with ACAPS and YPS Supported by AirXpanders; LifeCell, an Acelity Company; Mentor Worldwide LLC; ViOptix, Inc.

Current as of September 19, 2016. Program subject to change.

Moderators: Seun Adetayo, MD; Robert Havlik, MD

7:05 AM    The Evolution of Surgical Techniques in Craniosynostosis: A Single-Center, Multi-Surgeon Retrospective Review of Sagittal Craniosynostosis Correction Techniques and Outcomes Data at a Regional Pediatric Craniofacial Center - Dustin Derrick, MD

7:10 AM    The Effect of Intra-Operative Acetaminophen in Cleft Palate Repair - Logan Carr, MD

7:15 AM    Infantile Hemangiomas Are Often Present at Birth - Chelsey Johnson, MD

7:20 AM    Discussion

7:25 AM    Syndactyly Repair with a Straight Line Technique: A Case Series - Vinay Gundlapalli, MD

7:30 AM    Correlation Between Nasolabial Aesthetics and Stereophotogrammetic Anthropometry in Patients with Repaired Unilateral Cleft Lip - Helene Retrouvey, MD

7:35 AM    Novel Spherical Monetite Granules for Healing of Critical-Size Cranial Defects in Growing Rabbits - Hani Shash, MD

7:40 AM    Discussion

7:45 AM    Parental Satisfaction and Clinical Outcomes of Neonatal Ear Splinting for Congenital Ear Deformities - Muhammad Javed, MD

7:50 AM    Speech and Surgical Outcomes in International Adoptees with Cleft Palate - Mitchell Pet, MD

7:55 AM    Changes on Polysomnography Following Sphincter Pharyngoplasty-Does It Worsen Sleep Apnea in Children? - Christina Busuito, MD

8:00 AM    Discussion

8:05 AM    3D Mandibular Morphology in Pierre Robin Sequence - Elizabeth Zellner, MD

8:10 AM    An Alternative to Sedation for Pediatric Craniofacial Imaging - Nick Esmonde, MD

8:15 AM    Resorbable Plates in Secondary Cleft Nasal Reconstruction - Pey-Yi Lin, MD

8:20 AM    Discussion

8:25 AM    Markedly Elevated Intracranial Pressure Treated with Cranial Vault Expansion in a Child with Hurler-Scheie Syndrome and Multiple Suture Craniosynostosis - Jared Troy, MD

8:30 AM    Role of Computed Tomography before and after Nonsyndromic Craniosynostosis Surgery : A Systematic Review - Nayif Alnaif, MD

8:35 AM    Development of a Robotic Approach to Cleft Palate Repair Utilizing a High-Fidelity Cleft Palate Simulator Test Bed - Dale Podolsky, MD

8:40 AM    Discussion

8:45 AM    Dosing of Tranexamic Acid in Craniosynostosis Surgery - Nicole Kurnik, MD

8:50 AM    Health Utility Assessment of Unilateral and Bilateral Cleft Lip and Palate in India - Jeremy Chidester, MD

8:55 AM    Acellular Dermal Matrix in Primary Palatoplasty: A Prospective Trial - Alex Govshievich, MD

9:00 AM    Economic Impact in Alveolar Bone Grafting: A Comparison of National Trends to a Minimally Invasive Outpatient Technique - Christine Jones, MD

9:05 AM    Discussion