ASPS Plastic Surgery Expo; Saturday, September 24, 2016

ASPX Presentation Schedule 

The Best of Breast Augmentation

10:10 am

Anu Bajaj, MD
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

It’s not as simple as A B C! Never before have women had more options in enhancing the look of their breasts. New technology and treatments allow women to achieve the look and feel they want with a variety of implant options, fat injection, breast reduction, breast lift and other procedures. Join Dr. Anu Bajaj for this informative talk that will review your options and explain the procedures available. Learn how to determine if you are good candidate for breast augmentation and what the surgery and recovery involve.  

Transgender Surgery: Top to Bottom

10:40 am

Loren Schechter, MD
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

It’s the hottest of topics and has helped millions of individuals feel comfortable in their own skin. Come hear Dr. Loren Schechter explain the procedure of male-to-female transgender surgery. Learn who is the ideal patient for the procedure and the process involved in recreating the body you were born to identify with. Dr. Schechter is world-renowned for his work with the transgender patient and will be presenting the process, procedures and post-operative information on this life-transforming surgery.

The Makeover for the Down Under – Vaginal Rejuvenation

11:40 am

Christine Hamori, MD
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon


Let’s face it ladies – your vagina isn’t always treated with care. Experiencing childbirth, aging and weight gain & loss can affect delicate vaginal tissues resulting in an aesthetically displeasing appearance and even discomfort. Vaginal rejuvenation is growing in popularity as women are discovering the satisfaction in recapturing the appearance and function of their vagina. Vaginal rejuvenation can give women back the confidence and intimate pleasure they once had and may be a good choice for you – come hear Dr. Harmori explain the procedure and the results they may expect.  

The Executive Edge

1:00 pm

Edward Domanskis, MD
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon 

In an increasingly competitive professional marketplace, executives often do whatever it takes to stay competitive.  Men looking to turn back the clock may consider learning more about the “Executive Edge” suite of services.  These cosmetic procedures are designed to give men a sharper, more chiseled appearance.  Services range from non-surgical to surgical and commonly include chemical peels, injectable fillers, chin augmentation, liposuction, and a facelift. Is Executive Edge right for you?  Come to the presentation and find out. 

The Mommy Makeover

3:00 pm

Natalie Driessen, MD
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

The Mommy Makeover is designed to help you get back your pre-pregnancy body. The Mommy Makeover is a combination of services which tend to excess abdominal fat and skin, smaller breast size and shape, and other distributions of stubborn fat spread throughout the body.  This combination includes services such as a tummy tuck, liposuction treatment, and breast augmentation, however exact procedures are determined on a case-by-case basis. 

Selecting the Right Surgery for You

3:20 pm

Jennifer Keagle, MD
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Never before have there been more plastic surgery and aesthetic procedures to help you look your best and feel confident.  But how do you choose what is right for you? There are many factors to consider when choosing a plastic surgery procedure; cost, recovery, level of subtlety and most important – achieving the result you want. Consulting with a plastic surgeon is important in making your choices, but feeling informed will give you confidence in your plastic surgeon journey. Learn the steps to take in selecting your procedure to assure you are pleased with your outcome.

You’re Putting What Where?! The Facts on Fat Injections

4:00 pm

Jennifer Keagle, MD
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Who knew? When it comes to advancements is plastic surgical procedures, fat is where it is at! Fat is a remarkable substance that is being used in new and innovative ways to help men and women sculpt their face and body to achieve the look they want. Fat injections are safe but patients need to know the facts. So whether you goal is a shapelier butt, fuller cheeks or breast reconstruction without an implant – fat injections may be for you. Come hear Dr. Keagle explain the facts on fat.